Court Reporting Services

We offer videoconferencing, in person appearances or a combination of both. Our very experienced court  reporters are mobile and will attend at any location. 

Court reporting is an intrinsic part of the legal system, ensuring the accurate documentation of every case at every stage. At Professional Court Reporters we provide top quality audio recordings taken by our highly trained court reporters. A main microphone and a backup device will make certain that the audio recording is complete and of the best quality. The detailed notes taken by the reporter promises that the transcript will reflect all the nuances of the examination, guaranteeing the accuracy of spellings, time stamps, and exhibits. With a professional and confident demeanor, our reporters will ensure that your examination runs smoothly and maintain the confidentiality of all case information.

Our team of court reporters are available at all of our locations for your examination, mediation, video conference, etc. They are also available for outside examinations. We are here to accommodate your needs to the best of our ability, so please let us know what we can do for you and your client. 

Contact us now to book your boardroom and reporter at Professional Court Reporters today.