Court reporting is an intrinsic part of the legal system, ensuring the accurate documentation of every case at every stage. At Professional Court Reporters we provide top quality audio recordings taken by our highly trained court reporters.

At Professional Court Reporters, we understand the importance of mediations and arbitrations in today’s legal system. We provide a comfortable and professional environment for mediators and arbitrators to negotiate legal resolutions.

At Professional Court Reporters, we take pride in our transcript production. All of your transcripts are typed, proofed, and bound in-house, ensuring the highest standard of quality, accuracy, and complete confidentiality. 

At Professional Court Reporters, we offer great rates on boardroom rentals on a half day, full day, or hourly basis. Our North York and Downtown Toronto locations contain over 20 sound masked, spacious board rooms, many with a beautiful city view. 

Transcription isn’t just for lawyers. Save yourself the frustration and time of converting audio to text by yourself….

Some of the other ways we assist our clients. If you don’t see it here, just ask!…