At Professional Court Reporters, we take pride in our transcript production. All of your transcripts are typed, proofed, and bound in-house, ensuring the highest standard of quality, accuracy, and complete confidentiality. All of our transcripts are completed and securely mailed in a timely manner and can be expedited as quickly as 24 hours to ensure that you are prepared for trial at any time. Our transcript production method sets us apart from any other transcription service, not just because of our commitment to quality, but also our exclusive E-Legal transcripts.

In addition to court ready bound transcripts, our 100% verified verbatim E-Legal transcripts provide a digital version synchronized to the examination audio. The program offers quick word search capabilities, keyword indexes, and hyper-linked exhibits, making it easy to reference specific sections of an examination. Each E-legal transcript is also equipped with nine exportable file formats for litigation software, complete with a user friendly interface and robust viewer for accessibility. The innovative features of our E-Legal transcript program is proven to save you time and money.

All examination records and transcripts are securely kept for a minimum of seven years in the event an archived file is requested.

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